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May 1-2,2018 Istanbul (Turkey) Back

AET-18, ACBMS-2018, SACDEE-18, BEHSSS-18 & IPCEEE-18

Prof. Bülent TOPCUOGLU
Prof. Dr.Dimiter Velev
Prof. Rahim Ahmadi

ISBN - 978-93-86878-15-1


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Using Electronic Business Simulation Games to Enhance Students’ Learning at Palestine Polytechnic University: An Experimental Study
Nancy Alriji and Diana Hassouneh
2Shopping for Virtual Products in Social Virtual Worlds: Does User Gender Matter?
D. Hassouneh and M. Brengman
3The Impact of Music, Song and Movements on the Language Acquisition by Preschool Children between the Ages of 48-60 Months
Tuğluk. Mehmet Nur, Mertoğlu. Ercan and Kuzucu. F. Buşra
4Assessing Knowledge of Legal and Ethical Issue Access and Use Information Agricultural Graduate Students in Zanjan University in Iran
ParisaNajafloo, Kolsoum hamidi and Jafaryaghoubi
5Institutional Transformation Plan of Directorate Generale of Taxation
Tio Andiko and Inayati
6Assessing General Knowledge of Agricultural Students in Zanjan University, Iran
Kolsoum Hamidi, Parisa Najafloo and Jafar Yaghoubi
73D CFD Simulation of the Natural Gas Emission from Damaged Pipelines
B. Mohseni-Gharyehsafa, V. Okati, A. Ebrahimi-Moghadam and Y. Bijarzehi
8Prediction of Natural Gas Z-Factor by Using ANN Method
A. Ebrahimi-Moghadam, B. Mohseni-Gharyehsafa, A. Jabari moghadam, M. Farzaneh-Gord, Y. Bijarzehi, and V. Okati
9Assessing Land Tenure Environment as a Catalyst in Urban Conflict – The Case of Egypt
M. Raslan
10Design and Implementation of Radar Signal Generator
Tarık Ünler and Levent Seyfi
11The New Type of Transport on Deep Mines and Open Pits – Skip Pneumatic Lifting Equipment for Transportation of the Rock Mass
A. Taranov, Y. Nikolaev, and G. Tatkeeva
12Optimization in Smart Grids and Homes Smart and Easy Way to Select the Best!!
Tejas Gujrati
13Reducing Groundwater Overexploitation with Improving Operational Performances of Irrigation Canal
S.M. Hashemy Shahdany, S. Javadi, A. Neshat, H. Salmani, M. Morady Kondory and M. Malmir
14Field-Test of Electricity-Generating Tuned Mass Piezo-Damper on Real Bridge
E. S. Cho, D. H. Ha, J. F. Choo, D. H. Lee, and J. H. Oh
15Experiment on the Internal Configuration of Electricity-Generating Tuned Mass Piezo-Damper
J. Oh, D-H. Ha, J. F. Choo, D-H. Lee and E. S. Cho
16Key Performance Indicators in Retrofitting Projects: A Review
Hussein Ahmed Khudhair and Zeynep Işik
17Mobile Device Based Water Monitoring with Single Reference Image
Volkan Kılıç and Ali Y. Mutlu
18Expression of Orai1/STIM1 and Caspase-3 in Methotrexate-induced Kidney Injury in Rats; and Protective Effect of N-acetylcysteine
Tuba Demirci and Semin Gedikli
19Evaluation of IL4 Expression Level in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
Taheri Z and Amoli MM
20Influence of SO2 Plasma on Cell Attachment to PET Surface
Ahmadi F, Asefnejad A and Khorasani MT
21Physiotherapy for Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain or Musculoskeletal Pain: A Short Overview
Manteghian M
22Association between Thyroid Disorders with Depression and Anxiety: A Short Overview
Fatehi Narab H
23Infection of Leg, Knee or Ankle Inflammation in Patients Referring to Orthopedic Ward
Khalili M
24Association of History of Psychological Problems and Negative Life Events with Diabetes Occurrence in Eslamshahr – Iran
Ahmadi K and Ahmadi R
25Association of Testosterone with Metastasis in Brain Tumor Cells
Ahmadi R and Bahramnia V
26Apoptotic Effect of Progesterone on CRC Cells
Farahmandlou N and Jusheghani F
27Anticancer Effect of Taraxacum officinale Flower Extract on Cervical Cancer Cells
Bahrambeygi Y, Ahmadi R and Joshagani R
28Tibial Plateau Fractures Treatment by Closed Reduction, Close Pinning Fixation and Cast Brace
Alazmani Node F, Khalili M, Asgari M and Javedan M
29Association of History of Psychological Problems, Diseases and Smoking with Hypothyroidism in Hamedan- Iran
Ravanbakhsh L, Ahmadi R
30Modeling of Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone Growth
Ehsan Shabani, Mohammad J Abdekhodaie and Seyyed Abbas Mousavi
31Seasonal and Regional Variability of Physicochemical and Agronomic Characteristics of Sewage Sludge
Bülent Topcuoğlu, M. Kubilay Önal, Nuri Arı and Muharrem Certel